domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

Perspective 2016

Dear architect,
I am delighted to invite a founding partner or senior project architect from your practice to PERSPECTIVE Europe, held in Venice on May, the 24th and 25th (arrival on May, the 23rd), the annual international architecture forum founded by THE PLAN, this year at its seventh edition. Bringing together leading architects and engineers, prominent contractors, real estate developers and people from industry, Perspective is an important venue for networking, sharing ideas and new business opportunities.
Format: The meeting format focuses around parallel one-to-one Business Meeting sessions, and an extensive program of Lectures, Talks and Workshops where guests will be able to present their own architectural vision. During the whole event, the attendees will be asked to participate in at least 8 one-to-one Business Meetings, and 4 Workshops. Each participant will receive a personalized meeting schedule based on his/her preferences. The selection of the Business Meeting, Lectures and Workshop preferences is of fundamental importance to comply each one’s expectation. For further information, please see the attached Perspective 2016 presentation and some photos of the past editions.
Hospitality: We are pleased to offer accommodation (1 room and full board) for a maximum of 2 people. For those requiring additional accommodation, we would be happy to supply you with a list of nearby hotels on the Venice Lido (not the Excelsior that has been entirely booked by us).
Invitation Acceptance: We would be delighted to welcome a founding partner or senior project architect from your practice. Please could you confirm acceptance no later than Thursday, April 14th at:
Should you need further details about the meeting, please do not hesitate to call THE PLAN office (Luca Puggioli) or my personal mobile (+39 348 8714154). Looking forward to your reply and to welcoming you to another inspiring edition of Perspective, we remain, Yours truly,
Nicola Leonardi Editor in Chief, THE PLAN

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